Delaware County, Ohio


2LMN, Inc. was the prime consultant on this rehabilitation project for ODOT District 6. The project had two separate locations: the US 23 interchange with US 36 and the US 42 bridge culvert over Sugar Run. At the first location, 2LMN was tasked with rehabilitating the existing bin wall along the US 23 off-ramp and stabilizing it with soil nails and a structural facing. In addition, the off-ramp bridge abutments were rehabilitated and widened, the piers widened and the slab widened to improve the curb radius at the intersection with US 36. The mainline US 23 bridge will undergo minor repairs and the on-ramp to US 23 will be overlaid and have its guardrail and parapet transitions upgraded. The work along the bin wall will be performed during night-time shutdowns of the ramp while the ramp widening will be performed part width. At the US 42 site, the 10-ft diameter CMP bridge culvert will have its invert paved to extend the life of the culvert. In addition, erosion control measures will be installed at the outlet end and the headwall will be repaired.

The project involved the following design disciplines: roadway, traffic, structures, and drainage. 2LMN was responsible for the structural facing design for the retaining wall, all roadway and drainage design and plan detailing, and all maintenance of traffic design and detailing. In addition, coordination with the City of Delaware was required for the maintenance of traffic scheme and coordination with the ODOT Office of Geotechnical Engineering on the soil nail design.


ODOT District 6

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Bridge Design, Roadway Design, MOT, Drainage, Survey