LAW-52-17.27 Roundabout

Lawrence County, Ohio


2LMN was the Engineer of Record of the Allard Excavation, LLC design-build team for a roundabout located in Lawrence County, OH. This project included a complex roundabout at the US-52 interchange at CR-18 (Solida Rd.).  The project combined the closely spaced intersections of US-52 EB Ramps, Solida Rd. & Collins Ave., into a single lane roundabout. The EB US52 exit ramp, in addition to an approach intersecting Collins Ave., was designed with a WB bypass lane to Collins. The entire reconstructed ramps, roads and roundabout consisted of over 8,700 SY of 10” reinforced concrete pavement.


ODOT District 9

Estimated Construction Cost:


Services Provided:

Roadway Design, MOT, Drainage, Survey, Right of Way