Coshocton County, Ohio


In 2019, 2LMN, Inc. was a subconsultant to Carpenter Marty Transportation on a Safety Contract for ODOT District 5.  2LMN was given charge of the MUS/COS SR 16 Drainage Study project for District 5 to formulate alternate plans to alleviate flooding on SR 16 between mile markers 13.70 and 14.50 in Muskingum County and between CR 75 and TR 483C in Coshocton County.  SR 16 overtops during low frequency storm events near the Monroe Basin area in Muskingum County, which appears to stem from the overwhelmed Ohio Canal. A total drainage area of 3,244 acre was involved for this portion of the study.  In Coshocton County, both SR 16 and TR 483C overtop during small storm frequencies due to the apparent rerouting of flow downstream of a large box culvert that conveys 1,063 Ac. of drainage area.  Flooding affects nearby motorists and inundates several acres of surrounding farm land before dissipating and finally finding its way to the Muskingum River.

2LMN conducted all survey for the drainage study. 2LMN also worked heavily with ODOT to plan alternate scenarios on proposed solutions for the flooding along SR 16. The watershed was calculated diligently taking into account data from historic plans, USGS Stream Stats, nearby rainfall gauges, FEMA studies, local experiences and back checking using the available topography information in the area. 2LMN ran several hydraulic analyses utilizing GeoHECRAS and HydroCAD to simulate several scenarios.




ODOT District 5




 Drainage Study, Survey