Franklin County, Ohio


As a result of an extensive traffic and accident study, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Central Office identified the I‐71/I‐270 interchange as one of the most dangerous in the state. The northern suburbs of Columbus were growing so rapidly that the interchange could simply not handle the demands now in place.

Trying to make a point of the unnecessary bureaucratic slowdown that projects of the past have been subject to, Gordon Proctor proclaimed that this project could be designed and underway in record time. In February 2004, then Central Office and District 6, chose 2LMN as the design consultant for the project.

2LMN stepped up to the challenge at hand and began design in late March 2004. Mr. Proctor’s schedule for his “poster child for success” project called for final plans to be delivered by August, 2005, leaving only 16 months from start to finish! Immediately the 846 sheet plan began to take shape. 2LMN submitted the project’s three stage reviews on time, exemplifying their “sometimes early, but never late” philosophy on filing deadlines.

During this time, four miles of highway were designed and six ramps were reconfigured; including the necessary signing and striping, countless hydrological studies, and establishing of a maintenance of traffic plan. 2LMN also developed right‐of‐way plans for the new interchange.

In addition to the original scope of the project, 2LMN was able to provide the neighboring Anheuser‐Busch plant with a new plat of survey and redesign their storm water retention ponds that were affected by the project.


ODOT District 6

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Roadway, Survey