LAK-002-1.05 L&R

Lake County, Ohio


2LMN, Inc. is the prime consultant on this bridge widening and rehabilitation project for ODOT District 12. The project proposes to replace the deteriorated superstructures and raise and widen the twin slab bridges that cover 6 lanes of SR 2 over Worden Road in Wickliffe, Ohio. 2LMN was responsible for collecting all survey information needed to facilitate the design, all of the bridge design and plan detailing, all of the roadway and drainage design and detailing and the overall completeness of the project. The maintenance of traffic scheme will utilize crossovers and contraflow and will enable all 6 lanes of traffic (3 in each direction) to be maintained during construction.


ODOT District 12

Estimated Construction Cost:



Bridge Design, Roadway Design, MOT, Drainage, Survey