Canaan Township, Ohio


2LMN was a subconsultant on this project that proposed to replace the deteriorated single-span, steel beam bridge with a precast, 3-sided, reinforced concrete arch culvert. 2LMN was responsible for all of the bridge design and plan detailing, including the bridge hydraulic and scour analyses, all of the roadway and drainage design and detailing, and the overall completeness of the project.

The goals of the project were to provide a cost-efficient replacement for the deficient bridge while improving the hydraulics at the project’s site and only minimally impacting the existing vertical alignment of the roadway. 2LMN as able to meet these goals by providing a more hydraulically adequate structure that is well aligned to the stream and using a low-profile precast structure which allowed for the desired vertical profile.


ODOT District 6

Estimated Construction Cost:



Bridge Design, Roadway Design, Drainage Hydraulics