Wayne County, Ohio


2LMN was the prime consultant for this intersection improvement project designed for District 3 ODOT and the ODOT Central Office Safety Program.  This project was a roundabout design in Wayne County at the intersection of S.R. 83 and Smithville-Western Road. Eighteen (18) total crashes occurred at the intersection during the three-year crash analysis time period. Nine (9) of these crashes resulted in injuries creating a Severity Index (SI) of 0.5. State Route 83 is a two-lane undivided high-speed rural highway. Therefore, successive curves and larger splitter islands were implemented to reduce approach speed for the modern roundabout. The project included 22 right of way parcels and had a total construction cost of $1.8 million.  Construction was completed in 2016.


ODOT District 3

Estimated Construction Cost:


Services Provided:

Roadway Design, MOT, Drainage, Survey, Right of Way