Bader Road Bridge Replacement

Client: Fairfield County Engineer

Location: Liberty Township, Ohio

Estimated Construction Cost: $919,406


Bader Road Bridge Replacement

2LMN, Inc. was the prime consultant on this bridge replacement project for the Fairfield County Engineer to replace the deteriorated single-span, concrete box beam bridge with a similar single span, concrete box beam bridge. 2LMN was responsible for collecting all survey information needed to facilitate the design, all the bridge design and plan detailing including the bridge hydraulic and scour analyses, roadway and drainage design and detailing, and the overall completeness of the project. The goals of the project are to provide a cost-efficient replacement for the deficient bridge and improve the vertical profile within the project’s limits so that it was more in-line with the current speed limit.

Services Provided

  • Bridge Design
  • Drainage
  • Hydraulics
  • Roadway Design
  • Survey