2LMN has established a dedicated bridge group comprising of seven (7) highly skilled full-time bridge engineers. These professionals possess extensive experience serving clients at both the state and local levels. Our team excels in a wide range of bridge design projects, ranging from multi-span highway bridges to box culverts and diverse types of retaining walls. Our primary emphasis lies in addressing the intricate requirements of each structure within the larger project. 2LMN also boasts proficiency in conducting bridge load ratings and provides a team of experienced bridge inspectors.


Bridge Design
Bridge Hydraulics
Bridge Inspection
Bridge Load Rating
Bridge Rehabilitation
Culvert Design
Culvert Inspection
Retaining Wall Design

Highlighted Projects

VAR STW Bridge Load Rating

VAR STW Bridge Load Ratings

Client: ODOT Office of Structures
Location: Various, Ohio
Services Provided: Bridge Load Ratings

Hornsmill Road Bridge

Bridge Replacement

Hornsmill Road Bridge Replacement 

Client: Fairfield County Engineer’s Office
Location: Berne Township, Ohio
Services Provided: Bridge Design, Roadway Design, Traffic, Drainage, Survey & ROW Plan Development


Bridge Rehabilitation, MSE Wall, and Emergency Culvert


Client: ODOT District 6
Location: City of Delaware, Ohio
Services Provided: Structural Design, Roadway Design, Traffic, Drainage, Survey & ROW Plan Development

E. 89th Street Pedestrian Bridge

Opportunity Corridor 3 "OC3"

E. 89th Street Pedestrian Bridge

Client: ODOT District 12
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Services Provided: Bridge Design

Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections

Bridge Inspections

Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections (2020 & 2022)

Client: Pickaway County Engineer’s Office
Location: Pickaway County, Ohio
Services Provided: Bridge Inspection