Geometric Design

Roadside Safety Design

Maintenance of Traffic

Design Exception Preparation

Shared-Use Path & Sidewalk Design

Intersection Design

Interchange Design

Widening & Turn Lane Additions

Signage & Pavement Marking

Drainage Design

BMP Design


Bridge Design

Bridge Rehabilitation

Culvert Design

Retaining Wall Design

Load Rating

Bridge Hydraulics

Scour Analysis

Bridge Inspection

Culvert Inspection


Boundary & Topographic Survey

Right of Way Plans

3D Laser Scanning

Right of Way Plan Development

“ALTA” Land Survey

Subdivision Survey

FEMA Elevation Certification

Engineering Design Survey

Bridge Survey

Construction Layout

As-Built Survey


Site Drainage & Grading Plans

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Dam Design, Construction, & Rehabilitation

Dam Safety Analysis

Hydraulic & Hydrologic Studies

Post Construction Water Quality

Water, Sanitary, & Sewer Design

Subdivision Design

Parking Lot Design

Stream Restoration

FEMA Floodway Studies

Advanced Mobility

Connected Technologies: Advanced AI Signal Systems, Closed Circuit Smart Camera Networks, Dynamic Messaging & Ramp Metering

Traffic Operations Assessment Systems Tool (TOAST) Evaluations.

Mobility Hubs

Modal Application: Trip planning & Common Payment Applications

Active Transportation: Incorporation of Bike, Pedestrian & Multi-Use Path into Urban Street Network

Charging Infrastructure