Survey & Right-of-Way Plans

2LMN was founded with surveying being a major staple of our services. Starting with the rudimentary equipment of the day, our office has kept abreast of the latest technologies as they become available. This ensures that we are providing the most accurate data possible, in the most expedient manner possible. Our surveying staff consists of two (2) professional surveyors, four (4) field survey technicians, and four (4) additional surveyors who work in the field when needed. Additionally, 2LMN has six (6) ODOT prequalified right of way plan specialists. Currently our field equipment includes six (6) Leica GS14 GPS Receivers, three (3) Leica Robotic Total Stations, and a Leica MS60 Scanner.

  • Boundary & Topographic Survey
  • Right of Way Plans
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Right of Way Plan Development
  • “ALTA” Land Survey
  • Subdivision Survey
  • FEMA Elevation Certification
  • Engineering Design Survey
  • Bridge Survey
  • Construction Layout
  • As-Built Survey